All riders are required to pay the normal fares upon boarding regional commuter buses, cash will not be accepted.

Passengers will be required to board through the front door of buses to access the farebox and must exit all buses through the rear door, when possible.

RFTA Bus Fares

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RFTA Fare Chart



Stored Value Cards
30 Day Zone Passes
Seasonal Zone Passes



Youth ages 6 through 16 receive a $1 discount on fares over $1. For more information, please visit our Youth Pass Page

RFTA has a program that provides discounted passes to the veterans and disabled in our area. Visit our Select Discount Card page to learn more.


Individuals must be 65 years old or older to qualify for free rides on RFTA regional routes. They must declare their status to the driver when boarding the bus and show a valid Photo ID to prove age. Seniors may obtain a RFTA Senior ID pass for easy boarding at either by filling out the online form or in person with an appointment at the Carbondale Maintenance Facility. Please visit the Senior Fares page for more information. 


Has your stored value card become defective or expired, but still has value on it? View our Bus Pass Replacement Page for information on how to exchange it.

For More Information:

Call Rubey Park Transit Center at (970)925-8484 or email

RFTA fares are based on length of route. Use the RFTA fare chart to determine the cost to ride anywhere between Aspen and Rifle.

To speed up boarding and to limit interactions with bus operators, RFTA is not accepting cash. In order to board a bus, riders must have in hand a Stored Value Card, a 30-Day Zone Pass or a RFTA Seasonal Zone Pass. Stored Value Cards are available for purchase by cash or credit cards at all RFTA Ticket Vending Machines and Authorized Sales Outlets from Aspen to Rifle. 30-Day Zone Passes are available at RFTA Ticket Vending Machines and Seasonal Zone Passes are available for order at pro-rated prices for the current season.

RIDE GLENWOOD: Riders boarding Ride Glenwood buses will be able to pay the one-dollar fare with either cash, a RFTA issued Stored Value Card, or a previously purchased Ride Glenwood Stored Value Card.

RFTA would like to encourage all passengers to “Be Fare Ready.” This means having your bus card (Stored Value Card, 30-Day Zone Pass or Seasonal Zone Pass) in your hand before boarding the bus and knowing how to use the Fare Box upon boarding.

MAROON BELLS: This fare chart does not apply to the Maroon Bells shuttle service. For Maroon Bells Reservations please visit

Q&As Regarding Fare Re-Institution on August 1, 2020

When should customers prepare to start paying fare?

Starting Saturday, August 1, passengers can anticipate boarding through the front of all buses and paying fare via Stored Values Cards, 30-Day Zone Passes and Seasonal Zone Passes. At this time NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. Passengers must have an alternate method of payment besides cash.

To protect bus operators, RFTA suspended fare collection in March, so that passengers could enter and exit buses from the rear door.  Since then, RFTA has installed barriers in buses that provide protection for bus operators when passengers enter and exit through the front door, and soon fare collection can be resumed.

Why are fares being re-instituted?

RFTA previously implemented rear-door boarding to ensure safety of drivers and passengers. Since then, RFTA has installed plastic barriers or driver enclosures and have made face coverings mandatory.  RFTA believes these measures, which are common practices in the public transit industry, have significantly reduced the threat of virus spread to drivers and passengers.

As more parts of our community are opening up, RFTA is welcoming back more transit riders who rely on our service. Historically, RFTA recovers approximately 20-24% of operating costs on its regional services through fare collections.  Suspending fares for the long term is not a sustainable option for RFTA.

Why will no cash be allowed?

To speed up boarding and to limit interactions with bus operators.

Will the Ride Glenwood one-dollar fare be re-instituted?

Yes, the one-dollar Ride Glenwood fare will be re-instituted on August 1. Riders boarding Ride Glenwood buses will be able to pay the one-dollar fare with either cash, a RFTA issued Stored Value Card, or a previously purchased Ride Glenwood Stored Value Card.

Will the City of Aspen’s Mountain Valley Dial-a-Ride one-dollar fare be re-instituted?

No, at this time the Mountain Valley route will remain fare free. The Mountain Valley is currently serving the Mountain Valley residential area on a fixed route free of charge. The RFTA door-to-door Mountain Valley service is unavailable until further notice, however, High Mountain Taxi can assist you, by calling 970.925.TAXI.

Have the prices for RFTA fares changed?

RFTA has not changed its fare prices.

To purchase a Seasonal Zone pass please visit

Where can customers purchase fare cards?

RFTA has provided several options to make purchasing fare card as convenient as possible.

  • Sales outlets – Stored Value Cards can be purchased at RFTA authorized Sales outlets from Aspen to Rifle. For all locations visit
  • Ticket Vending Machines – TVMs are a convenient way to purchase Stored Value Cards and 30-Day Zone passes. TVMs are located at RFTA BRT Stations from Rubey Park Transit Center to Glenwood Springs 27th Street Station. For all locations visit
  • Seasonal Zone Passes can be ordered through RFTA staff and are available are pro-rated rates. For more information on this program visit Or you can call 970-384-4957 or email
  • Select Discount PassesYouth Passes, or Pass Bulk orders and Replacement Passes please call 970-384-4957 or email

What if my pass will not work in the Fare Box or I am having trouble with a Ticket Vending Machine?

If your Stored Value Card or 30-day Pass has become defective or expired, but still has value on it please visit our bus pass replacement page at Or you can call 970-384-4957 or email

Please be aware that in-person visits to the RFTA Carbondale Maintenance Facility will be by appointment only, please email for appointments. Be prepared to be outside for the duration of your appointment.  Additionally, the Rubey Park Transit Center will be open on a limited basis beginning August 1st with restrictions in place regarding social distancing. Masks are required at both facilities. Details available at

For Ticket Vending Machines issues or Senior Passes please call 970-384-4865.

What if I cannot afford RFTA fares due to my current financial situation?

For those who may be experiencing financial challenges, we encourage them to call 970-384-4957.

Use the map below to view bus stops and fare zones.


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