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FREE – The following is a list of persons and service routes where no fare is required:

  • Children 5 and under in groups of 9 or fewer (Parent must declare child status upon boarding any fare bus)
  • Seniors 65+ (Must declare status to driver when boarding and show a valid Photo ID to prove age)
  • All City of Aspen routes
  • Aspen to/from Snowmass Village
  • Aspen/Snowmass Village to/from Woody Creek (winter & summer service only)
  • Carbondale Circulator


Youth ages 6 through 16 receive a $1 discount on fares over $1. For more information, please visit our Youth Pass Page

RFTA has a program that provides discounted passes to the veterans and disabled in our area. Visit our Select Discount Card page to learn more.


Individuals must be 65 years old or older to qualify for free rides on RFTA regional routes. They must declare their status to the driver when boarding the bus and show a valid Photo ID to prove age. Seniors may obtain a RFTA Senior ID pass for easy boarding at either by filling out the online form or in person at Rubey Park Transit Center, the Aspen Maintenance Facility or the Glenwood Springs City Hall.


Stored Value Cards
30 Day Zone Passes
Seasonal Zone Passes
Maroon Bells Tickets
Ride Glenwood


Has your stored value card become defective or expired, but still has value on it? View our Bus Pass Replacement Page for information on how to exchange it.

For More Information:

Download the RFTA Fares & Passes Brochure.

Call Rubey Park Transit Center at (970)925-8484 or email

RFTA fares are based on length of route. Use the RFTA fare chart to the left to determine the cost to ride anywhere between Aspen and Rifle.

The farebox at the front of the bus is designed to accept cash fares and passes. Cash is always welcome but exact fare is required to ride the bus. The farebox does not dispense change and bus operators are not allowed to handle money or make change for fares. Please have exact fare amount ready to deposit into the farebox upon boarding the bus. Buy RFTA passes 24 hours a day at RFTA Ticket Vending Machines. The machines accept cash or credit cards.

Please note: This fare chart does not apply to the Maroon Bells summer route.

Use the maps below to check bus stops and fare zones.

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