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Rio Grande ARTway Masterplan

The purpose of this Preliminary Masterplan is to create a framework for the future planning, design, and programming of the Rio Grande ARTway, a one mile long section of the Rio Grande Trail corridor through the town of Carbondale, Colorado. This Masterplan contains critical context and background reference for the project as well as early design concepts for site improvements and programming along the corridor.

Download the Rio Grande ARTway Masterplan

For more information contact Trails Manager, Brett Meredith at (970) 384-4975 or


2021 CEC Staff Report and Summary
2021 RFTA CEC Report
2021-11-15 CEC Meeting Agenda
2021 CEC Background History

For more information please contact Abbey Pascoe,

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Trail Closures

The Rio Grande Trail, between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Bridge, closes seasonally from 5pm on November 30th until 5pm April 30th. A signed detour route will be in place between Hooks Lane Trailhead parking lot and the Catherine Bridge Trailhead parking lot during the period of the closure. The closure applies to all users of the trail and corridor, including anglers and hunters.

Trail Rules & Regulations

RFTA has restrictions to all trails built and maintained on the 34 mile rail corridor running between Glenwood Springs and Woody Creek.

Special Events Application

Download our Special Events Application for proposed events on the Rio Grande Trail. For more information call 970-384-4975.

Trail Rules for Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

RFTA has a document listing the Rio Grande Corridor Rules on the
Use of Other Power Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD).

E-Bike Update:
Please note:  Class I and Class II E-Bikes are allowed on the Rio Grande Trail between Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs and Emma Road in Basalt.

Pristine Riders

Pristine Rider’s Greeting for Other Riders
‘One Piece of Trash Each Ride’

The mindset of a Pristine Rider is that picking up a piece of trash is not an obligation.

Instead, it is an opportunity to give thanks for the chance to be in the Roaring Fork Valley – one of the most beautiful places in the universe.

Pristine Riders are encouraged to share the message of, “One piece of trash each ride,” by extending an index finger in greeting to passing riders.

Pristine Riders use common sense in picking up trash. Do not pick any trash that might be hazardous! Do not stop to pick up trash in blind corners or corners with limited sight lines. Do not stop to pick up trash unless it is possible to get completely out of the travel lane of the road or path when doing so.

For more info please visit the Pristine Riders Facebook Page

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