Our Mission

Connecting our region with transit and trails.

Our Vision

RFTA pursues excellence and innovation in providing preferred transportation choices that connect and support vibrant communities

Core Values

  • Accountable – RFTA will be financially sustainable and accountable to the public, its users, and its employees.
  • Affordable – RFTA will offer affordable and competitive transportation options.
  • Convenient – RFTA’s programs and services will be convenient and easy to use.
  • Dependable – RFTA will meet the public’s expectations for quality and reliability of services and facilities.
  • Efficient – RFTA will be agile and efficient in management, operations and use of resources.
  • Safe – Safety is RFTA’s highest priority.
  • Sustainable – RFTA will be environmentally responsible.


Help us keep our priorities in line with yours. Please email comments or suggestions to info@rfta.com or fill out a comment form on our Contact Us page. Or call our Customer Service line at (970) 925-8484.

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