Roaring Fork Transportation Authority Strategic Plan

The RFTA Board of Directors and Staff have agreed upon the following seven Outcome Areas of the 2019 Strategic Plan: Safe Customers; Workforce and General Public; Accessibility and Mobility; Sustainable Workforce; Financial Sustainability; Satisfied Customers; Environmental Sustainability; and High Performing Organization. Each RFTA director/manager continuously assesses these themes and ties their departmental goals back to these guiding principles.

Strategic Plan Outcome Areas

Click on the specific Outcomes below to view Smart Objectives for each Outcome Area

The RFTA Strategic Plan provides the framework to guide RFTA’s decision making, budgeting, and daily operations. Outcomes represent the high level deliverables that RFTA strives to provide the communities it serves. Each Outcome Area includes several more specific Objectives that define different areas of focus in achieving the Outcome. Performance measures are identified for Objectives with performance targets set annually. Staff then develops Strategic Initiatives that are designed to move the needle in achieving the identified performance targets associated with the Objectives. The Strategic Initiatives become a part of the annual budget requests, and if funded, directly influence daily operations. Each task completed or dollar spent by RFTA should be linked back to the Strategic Plan and ultimately the Mission and Vision of RFTA.



Reports & Resources

A fully detailed PDF download of the RFTA Strategic Plan

A collection of financial reports maintained by the Finance department

A list of regional planning & community resources

The Roadmap is a high-level, easy-to-understand overview of the important pieces of RFTA Destination 2040.  It’s a resource that can provide a quick snapshot of the project’s aims, important milestones, key deliverables, dependencies, and possible project changes.


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