Ease and Convenience on your phone

RFTA’s Mobile Tickets app lets you buy tickets and passes anytime from anywhere. Simply download the app and purchase tickets for immediate use or purchase in advance for future travel. It’s fast, easy, and available any time you’re on the go. 


Save Money on Every Ride: Save 25% every time you purchase a single one-way trip or round-trip ticket across all RFTA regional routes when you use the RFTA Tickets mobile app.


When to Buy: Tickets can be pre-purchased for future use and activated as you ride or purchase a ticket on the day of travel. When ready to board the bus, simply activate you ticket and then the activated ticket on the ticket validation machines aboard the buses. When the light turns green on the validator, it’s time to board!

Download the RFTA Tickets Mobile App

Purchase RFTA bus passes instantly on your phone, anytime, anywhere.


Access via the Web Portal

There is now more than one way to access a mobile ticketing account. You can also access the account from your computer. Via the web portal, you can:

  • Deposit funds to your Stored Value Account for later use
  • Add additional payment methods
  • View purchase receipts
  • Create a mobile ticketing account.

Credentials will be the same email address and password that are used for a mobile ticketing account.

How to Use Mobile Ticketing

  1. Download the RFTA Tickets app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Create an account
  3. Select “Buy Tickets” and choose your origin and destination stations
  4. Select the type of ticket and preferred payment method and buy it
  5. Once purchased, your pass is available in your “Ticket Wallet”
  6. Select your ticket and activate it
  7. Scan your ticket using the validator upon boarding the bus
  8. When the light turns green, you’re ready to go

Enjoy your ride!


Where can I use the mobile tickets app?

RFTA Mobile tickets are valid on all regular RFTA bus routes. They are not valid on Maroon Bell Shuttles and Dial-A-Ride services. Another form of fare payment is required to ride these services. Please read RFTA’s fare policies before traveling.

When should I buy my ticket?

You may pre-purchase tickets for future use and activate as you ride or purchase a ticket on the day of travel. Pre-purchased tickets expire 180 days after purchase even if not activated for use. 30-day passes expire 180 days after purchase even if not activated for use.

When do I activate my ticket?

You must activate your ticket before boarding a bus. Bus operators will require an activated ticket

Can I transfer to other routes with a mobile ticket?

Yes, the bus operator will print you a transfer slip upon request.

Do mobile tickets expire?

Yes, purchased tickets expire after 180 days if they’re not activated.

Do I need to set up an account to use the RFTA Tickets Mobile App?

We recommend that you set up an account for your convenience and protection, but you may check out as a guest. If you have created a customer account and your mobile device is lost, stolen, or replaced, you will be able to migrate unused, unexpired tickets to your new device when logging into your account on the new device.

Will my mobile ticket still work if I lose my cell phone service while trying to use my ticket?

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or Wi-Fi services to be displayed. You do need connectivity to purchase a ticket, which must be done before boarding. If you lose cell phone service after purchasing a ticket, you will still be able to activate and display the ticket from the ticket wallet.

What happens if my smart phone becomes inoperable (e.g. dead battery) prior to being able to show my mobile ticket?

If your mobile phone is inoperable, you will have to use some other payment method for the trip.

If I am traveling with friends and family, can I purchase and activate more than ticket on my phone?

You can buy up to 10 tickets per ticket type in a single purchase, up to a maximum of 20 tickets per ticket type in a day. You have to activate a ticket for each passenger before boarding an RFTA vehicle. Activating a large number of tickets will slow down the app.

What happens if I buy a new device?

If you have created a customer account and purchase a new mobile device, just install the app on your new device and sign into your account. You will be able to migrate your tickets to the new device, access your ticket wallet, and purchase as usual. If you have an unused, unexpired ticket that does not appear, please contact RFTA Customer Service (970-925-8484).

Are receipts available for mobile ticketing?

Receipts are available through email for all purchases made through the RRFTA Tickets Mobile App. Please enter your email address when you purchase a ticket, and a receipt will be automatically emailed to you. If you can’t find your receipt, you can open the ticket from your ticket wallet and re-send the receipt to your email address.

Can I get a refund for unused tickets or service disruptions?

RFTA does not issue refunds for unused fare media. In the event of service disruptions, please contact RFTA Customer Service at 970-925-8484.

Is the RFTA Tickets Mobile App available on all devices?

The RFTA Tickets Mobile App is available on the majority of iOS and Android devices installed with recent operating systems. Older versions of software may not be supported.

I am eligible for discounted fares. How do I access these on my mobile device?

When making a purchase, you can select between a full price pass and a discounted pass. Discount fares are available for individuals with disabilities; Medicare recipients; and youth ages 6-19. Proof of eligibility is required. Active duty members of the U.S. military and Individuals with disabilities may obtain a Special Discount Card by calling 970-925-8484.

What security protections are in place to protect my personal information?

The RFTA Tickets Mobile App is fully certified and compliant with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI-DSS). All payment communications are fully encrypted via SSL, any sensitive data stored are highly encrypted, and systems are constantly being monitored for security vulnerabilities.

What if I am riding with children ages 5 years and younger?

Children five years of age or younger ride free with a fare-paying adult in groups of 9 or less children.

Will the app store my credit card details?

You have the option to store your credit card details for future transactions.

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