Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s Traveler Program

Traveler provides accessible transportation for persons with an assessed inability to access any other transportation modes that exist in the designated service areas of Garfield County.

Based in Glenwood Springs and Rifle, Traveler serves qualified individuals within the following Garfield County service area parameters: a five (5) mile radius off of Interstate 70 between Parachute and Glenwood Springs, and a five (5) mile radius off of Hwy 82 between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.   To help support its operation, Traveler does request a voluntary donation for the services it provides.

Assessed Customers’ Procedures for Service:

Please be advised that the procedures for utilizing this service are as follows:

  1. Traveler services is for persons that are over the age of eighteen (18) and assessed for a disability or inability to drive. Driving restriction may not be infraction based.
  2. Request for Traveler transportation service must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the time of service.
    1. All appointments are to be made by calling the Traveler Dispatcher between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, at 970-945-9117 or (970) 625-1366.
  1. Pick-up time will be arranged in a manner that will get you to your scheduled drop off as close to “on time” as possible. (Note: You may arrive at your scheduled drop off earlier than you would like.)
  2. Only scheduled “pickups and drop-offs” will be honored.
  3. Traveler does request a voluntary donation for the services it provides.
  4. There are two Traveler Service Areas:
    1. Glenwood Springs Service Area is Carbondale to New Castle — Monday through Friday.
    2. Rifle Service Area is Battlement Mesa to New Castle — Monday through Friday.

On Thursday, we cover the county and connect the two service areas.  Should you have an appointment in an area outside the service area, please schedule those appointment on Thursdays.  We ask that you schedule your appointments between 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. so Traveler can return to the base of operation by 5 p.m.

Traveler’s GEM (Garfield, Eagle and Mesa Counties) SERVICE goes to Grand Junction the second and fourth Thursday of every month.  We request a $20.00 donation to cover the cost for the trip to Grand Junction from Garfield County.

Each community has a shopping day.  We ask that you schedule shopping (grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) for your activities of daily living on that day.  They are:

Monday – New Castle
Wednesday – Carbondale, Silt, Battlement Mesa; Rifle’s shopping day is on Wednesday with trips to Wal-Mart in the morning and City Market in the afternoon.
Thursday – Glenwood Springs

Shopping includes grocery, clothes, etc. – any activity of daily living.

  1. Late is defined as you are not ready to leave when the driver arrives. Our policy states that you must be ready for the transport 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time and remain ready for transport for 15 minutes after scheduled pick-up time. 3 late rides are equal to One No Show.
  2. Cancellation – You will receive a reminder call, the day before your actual service. If you want the pick-up, just hang up from the call.  If you wish to cancel the pick-up enter the number 9 on your phone. 10 cancelled rides will be equivalent to One No Show, unless cancellation is due to illness or hospitalization.
  3. No Show – No-shows occur when the following circumstances have occurred: You have scheduled a ride, there has been no call by you or your representative to cancel the scheduled trip, Traveler vehicle has arrived at the scheduled pick-up point within the 15 minute pick-up window, and the driver has knocked on the door and waited for 5 minutes after arriving at the scheduled address.  The driver will contact dispatch to request to leave.
  4. You will be advised that you incurred a “No Show” on that day and it will be documented in your record.

No shows or cancellations are EXCUSED when the trip is missed for the following reasons:

  1. Family emergency: death or illness of family member or other family emergency.
  2. Mobility aid failed
  3. Late connecting transportation
  4. Acts of God: Flood, earthquake, fires, etc.
  5. Staffing error – Dispatch did not make all the cancellations you requested or you found out the ride was schedule for the wrong day, time or location.
  6. Medical facility changes to the date and/or time of the medical appointment.

No-shows or Cancellations are NOT EXCUSED when the trip is missed for the following reasons:

  1. You didn’t want to travel.
  2. You are sick and hadn’t canceled the appointment.
  3. You changed your mind about using the appointment.
  4. You forgot that you had a ride scheduled.
  5. You got another ride.
  6. You did not want to ride with a specific driver or passenger or on a specific vehicle.

No Show or Cancellation Procedure:

  1. A monthly tracking system of no-shows will be prepared by the Traveler staff showing the date and scheduled pick-up time for each no show.
  2. If you have three (3) no shows in a 30 day rolling calendar period or (2) two consecutive no shows on scheduled pick-ups within a 60 day rolling calendar, you will be contacted by phone and informed of the date and times of each no show.
  3. If you have four (4) no shows in a rolling 30 day calendar period or (3) three consecutive no shows on scheduled pick- ups, a letter will be sent notifying you of a pending suspension of service for 30 days. The letter will indicate the dates and times for each no show. You are entitled to request an appeal of the suspension.
  4. If you have a second set of four (4) no shows in another rolling 30 day calendar period, a letter will be sent notifying you of a pending suspension of service for 3 months or more. The letter will indicate the dates and times for each no show.  You are entitled to request an appeal of the suspension.
  5. To request an appeal, contact the Traveler Supervisor at 945-9117 or 625-1366. This will put the suspension on hold until an appeal is completed.  You must put your appeal request in writing and meet with Traveler staff in the next 15 days to discuss options for preventing the suspension.
  6. The suspension will be upheld if the written appeal letter is not received.
  7. If a resolution is not reached with the Traveler staff, you may request an appeal hearing with the Senior Programs Advisory Board. A letter must be received by the Senior Programs Manager explaining the issues.  Once the letter is received, the appeal will be scheduled at the next Senior Programs Advisory Board Meeting (usually the 4th Friday of each month).

Traveler and RFTA look forward to assisting you in meeting your transportation needs.

Should any of the details concerning your transportation change (i.e.; phone number, address, physical condition, etc.), you are responsible for notifying the Traveler office as soon as possible.

Traveler Rider Rules

  1. Food or beverages may be brought onto the bus.
  2. Customers using audio or video devices are required to use earphones on the bus.
  3. Standing in “front” of the white line prohibited.
  4. Littering is prohibited.
  5. Obscene, profane, vulgar, foul or abusing language is prohibited.
  6. Boarding the vehicle barefoot prohibited.
  7. Disorderly and inappropriate conduct is prohibited.
  8. Heads, arms and other body parts are required to be kept inside the bus.
  9. Objects are not to be thrown in or from the vehicle.
  10. Drinking alcohol or the use of illegal drugs is prohibited.
  11. Customers are required to obey reasonable requests from the driver or any other authorized Traveler representative.
  12. Federal regulations prohibit the transportation of flammable or explosive materials on transit vehicles.
  13. Individuals with a communicable disease who are subject to an order of restriction issued by the Department of Health may not board the bus.
  14. Conversations with the driver that distract him/her from safely operating the bus are prohibited.
  15. Customers are required to keep aisles clear of obstacles (packages, luggage, etc.)
  16. Vandalism or willful destruction of Traveler property is prohibited.
  17. Fighting or threatening to fight is prohibited.
  18. Customers may not maintain or commit a public nuisance.
  19. Offensive body or other offensive odors are prohibited.
  20. Loud noises are prohibited.
  21. Obscene attire is prohibited.
  22. Smoking is prohibited on Traveler vehicles.
  23. Door to door service provides when requested of the driver.

Please use the forms on our Contact Us page to ask a question or submit a comment, complaint, suggestion or commendation. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can properly address your concern. Your request will be routed to the appropriate department. You may also email

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The Traveler Application and Rules

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