The Hogback route offers riders an opportunity to visit or commute from Glenwood Springs to New Castle, Silt and Rifle; or from the Hogback communities to Glenwood Springs. Riders can meet with connecting buses in Glenwood Springs to further travel upvalley to Aspen and intermediate destinations. The route includes stops in New Castle, Silt and Rifle taking approximately 41 minutes in each direction.


All services are 7 days a week except where noted.

Rifle Metro ParkRifle   Park & RideSilt FirehouseNew Castle 6th West & MainWest Glenwood Park & RideGlenwood 27th St. Station
5:20 am5:25 am5:35 am5:45 am6:00 am6:23 am
6:20 am6:25 am6:35 am6:45 am7:00 am7:23 am
6:45 am6:50 am7:00 am7:10 am7:25 am7:38 am
9:15 am9:20 am9:30 am9:40 am9:55 am10:08 am
12:45 pm
1:00 pm 1:13 pm 
4:05 pm4:10 pm4:20 pm4:30 pm4:45 pm 4:58 pm 
5:05 pm5:10 pm5:20 pm5:30 pm5:45 pm5:58 pm 
6:15 pm6:20 pm6:30 pm6:40 pm6:55 pm 7:08 pm 
7:15 pm7:20 pm7:30 pm7:40 pm7:55 pm 8:08 pm 
8:15 pm8:20 pm8:30 pm8:40 pm8:55 pm 9:08 pm 
Glenwood 27th St. StationsWest Glenwood Park & RideNew Castle Convenience StoresSilt Coop Bus StopRifle  Park & RideRifle Metro Park
5:45 am5:57 am6:09 am6:18 am6:27 am6:34 am
8:05 am8:17 am8:29 am8:38 am8:47 am8:54 am
12:05 pm12:17 pm12:29 pm
3:05 pm3:17 pm3:29 pm3:38 pm3:47 pm3:54 pm
4:05 pm4:17 pm4:29 pm4:38 pm4:47 pm4:54 pm
5:15 pm5:27 pm5:39 pm5:48 pm5:57 pm
6:04 pm
6:15 pm6:27 pm6:39 pm6:48 pm 6:57 pm7:04 pm
7:15 pm7:27 pm7:39 pm7:48 pm7:57 pm8:04 pm
T = Transfer required for destinations beyond Glenwood
C = Bus continues beyond Glenwood Springs
* = No service provided on Saturdays or Sundays


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