ROARING FORK VALLEY LOCAL bus service is currently operating on Fall season service schedules

  • Local Valley buses run with the last bus at 10:00 p.m. up valley and 12:15 a.m. down valley. Buses will have half hour frequency between 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. up valley and 6:15 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. down valley.

Up Valley & Down Valley Bus Schedule

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The Roaring Fork Valley Local route offers the rider an opportunity to travel throughout Glenwood, Carbondale, El Jebel, Basalt, Snowmass Village and Aspen. Riders can meet with connecting buses at the Brush Creek and Hwy 82 Lot to travel to Snowmass Village or Woody Creek. In Glenwood Springs connecting buses can travel to Silt, New Castle and Rifle via the Hogback route.

Headsigns are designated with an “L” (local) or “X” (express). Local bus headsigns indicate the furthest destination served. Express bus headsigns indicate the first and last destinations served.

View all RFTA buses on a live GPS map and get real time stop predictions at

Roaring Fork Valley Local Route Map

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Roaring Fork Valley Local | Mon-Sun
West Glenwood Park & Ride
Glenwood Meadows
Glenwood Rec Center
8th St + Colorado Ave
Grand Ave + 9th St
Grand Ave + 14th St
Grand Ave + 20th St
27th St Station
Roaring Fork Marketplace
Hwy 82 + Spring Valley Rd UV
Aspen Glen UV
Carbondale Park & Ride
Main St + Hwy 133
Carbondale Pool
6th St + Colorado Ave
Main St + Hwy 133
Carbondale Park & Ride
Ranch at Roaring Fork UV
Hwy 82 + Catherine Store Rd UV
JW Dr + Buckskin Dr
JW Dr + Deer Run
JW Dr + El Jebel Rd
El Jebel Park & Ride UV
Willits UV
Hwy 82 + Original Rd UV
Two Rivers Rd + Hillcrest Dr UV
Downtown Basalt
Basalt Park & Ride UV
Holland Hills UV
Wingo Junction UV
Hwy 82 + Lazy Glen Way UV
Old Snowmass UV
Hwy 82 + Watson Divide Rd UV
Hwy 82 + Aspen Village Rd UV
Hwy 82 + Twining Flats Rd UV
Hwy 82 + Juniper Hill Rd
Brush Creek Park & Ride
Hwy 82 + Service Center Rd UV
AABC Airport UV
Buttermilk UV
Aspen Country Inn UV
Truscott UV
Hwy 82 + Roundabout UV
Hallam St + 8th St
Main St + 4th St
Paepcke Park
Main St + Galena St
Main St + Spring St
Spring St + Durant Ave
Rubey Park Transit Center
4:00am 4:02am 4:03am 4:07am 4:08am 4:09am 4:10am 4:15am 4:18am 4:23am 4:28am 4:32am 4:34am 4:36am 4:36am 4:38am 4:39am 4:43am 4:45am 4:49am 4:50am 4:56am 5:00am 5:01am 5:03am 5:04am 5:09am 5:09am 5:12am 5:13am 5:14am 5:16am 5:21am 5:22am 5:26am 5:28am 5:30am 5:32am 5:33am 5:36am 5:38am 5:39am 5:41am 5:42am 5:44am 5:45am 5:45am 5:46am 5:47am 5:48am
4:38am 4:42am 4:43am 4:46am 4:48am 4:49am 4:50am 4:53am 4:56am 5:01am 5:06am 5:10am 5:14am 5:15am 5:19am 5:20am 5:26am 5:30am 5:31am 5:33am 5:34am 5:39am 5:39am 5:42am 5:43am 5:44am 5:46am 5:51am 5:52am 5:56am 5:58am 6:00am 6:02am 6:03am 6:06am 6:08am 6:09am 6:11am 6:12am 6:14am 6:15am 6:15am 6:16am 6:17am 6:18am
5:08am 5:12am 5:13am 5:16am 5:18am 5:19am 5:20am 5:23am 5:26am 5:31am 5:36am 5:40am 5:44am 5:45am 5:49am 5:50am 5:56am 6:00am 6:01am 6:03am 6:04am 6:09am 6:09am 6:12am 6:13am 6:14am 6:16am 6:21am 6:22am 6:26am 6:28am 6:30am 6:32am 6:33am 6:36am 6:38am 6:39am 6:41am 6:42am 6:44am 6:45am 6:45am 6:46am 6:47am 6:48am
5:38am 5:42am 5:43am 5:46am 5:48am 5:49am 5:50am 5:53am 5:56am 6:01am 6:06am 6:10am 6:14am 6:15am 6:19am 6:20am 6:26am 6:30am 6:31am 6:33am 6:34am 6:39am 6:39am 6:42am 6:43am 6:44am 6:46am 6:51am 6:52am 6:56am 6:58am 7:00am 7:02am 7:03am 7:06am 7:08am 7:09am 7:11am 7:12am 7:14am 7:15am 7:15am 7:16am 7:17am 7:18am
6:08am 6:12am 6:13am 6:16am 6:18am 6:19am 6:20am 6:23am 6:26am 6:31am 6:36am 6:40am 6:44am 6:45am 6:49am 6:50am 6:56am 7:00am 7:01am 7:03am 7:04am 7:09am 7:09am 7:12am 7:13am 7:14am 7:16am 7:21am 7:22am 7:26am 7:28am 7:30am 7:32am 7:33am 7:36am 7:38am 7:39am 7:41am 7:42am 7:44am 7:45am 7:45am 7:46am 7:47am 7:48am
6:38am 6:42am 6:43am 6:46am 6:48am 6:49am 6:50am 6:53am 6:56am 7:01am 7:06am 7:10am 7:14am 7:15am 7:19am 7:20am 7:26am 7:30am 7:31am 7:33am 7:34am 7:39am 7:39am 7:42am 7:43am 7:44am 7:46am 7:51am 7:52am 7:56am 7:58am 8:00am 8:02am 8:03am 8:06am 8:08am 8:09am 8:11am 8:12am 8:14am 8:15am 8:15am 8:16am 8:17am 8:18am
7:08am 7:12am 7:13am 7:16am 7:18am 7:19am 7:20am 7:23am 7:26am 7:31am 7:36am 7:40am 7:44am 7:45am 7:49am 7:50am 7:56am 8:00am 8:01am 8:03am 8:04am 8:09am 8:09am 8:12am 8:13am 8:14am 8:16am 8:21am 8:22am 8:26am 8:28am 8:30am 8:32am 8:33am 8:36am 8:38am 8:39am 8:41am 8:42am 8:44am 8:45am 8:45am 8:46am 8:47am 8:48am
7:38am 7:42am 7:43am 7:46am 7:48am 7:49am 7:50am 7:53am 7:56am 8:01am 8:06am 8:10am 8:14am 8:15am 8:19am 8:20am 8:26am 8:30am 8:31am 8:33am 8:34am 8:39am 8:39am 8:42am 8:43am 8:44am 8:46am 8:51am 8:52am 8:56am 8:58am 9:00am 9:02am 9:03am 9:06am 9:08am 9:09am 9:11am 9:12am 9:14am 9:15am 9:15am 9:16am 9:17am 9:18am
8:08am 8:12am 8:13am 8:16am 8:18am 8:19am 8:20am 8:23am 8:26am 8:31am 8:36am 8:40am 8:44am 8:45am 8:49am 8:50am 8:56am 9:00am 9:01am 9:03am 9:04am 9:09am 9:09am 9:12am 9:13am 9:14am 9:16am 9:21am 9:22am 9:26am 9:28am 9:30am 9:32am 9:33am 9:36am 9:38am 9:39am 9:41am 9:42am 9:44am 9:45am 9:45am 9:46am 9:47am 9:48am
8:38am 8:42am 8:43am 8:46am 8:48am 8:49am 8:50am 8:53am 8:56am 9:01am 9:06am 9:10am 9:14am 9:15am 9:19am 9:20am 9:26am 9:30am 9:31am 9:33am 9:34am 9:39am 9:39am 9:42am 9:43am 9:44am 9:46am 9:51am 9:52am 9:56am 9:58am 10:00am 10:02am 10:03am 10:06am 10:08am 10:09am 10:11am 10:12am 10:14am 10:15am 10:15am 10:16am 10:17am 10:18am
9:08am 9:12am 9:13am 9:16am 9:18am 9:19am 9:20am 9:23am 9:26am 9:31am 9:36am 9:40am 9:44am 9:45am 9:49am 9:50am 9:56am 10:00am 10:01am 10:03am 10:04am 10:09am 10:09am 10:12am 10:13am 10:14am 10:16am 10:21am 10:22am 10:26am 10:28am 10:30am 10:32am 10:33am 10:36am 10:38am 10:39am 10:41am 10:42am 10:44am 10:45am 10:45am 10:46am 10:47am 10:48am
9:38am 9:42am 9:43am 9:46am 9:48am 9:49am 9:50am 9:53am 9:56am 10:01am 10:06am 10:10am 10:14am 10:15am 10:19am 10:20am 10:26am 10:30am 10:31am 10:33am 10:34am 10:39am 10:39am 10:42am 10:43am 10:44am 10:46am 10:51am 10:52am 10:56am 10:58am 11:00am 11:02am 11:03am 11:06am 11:08am 11:09am 11:11am 11:12am 11:14am 11:15am 11:15am 11:16am 11:17am 11:18am
10:08am 10:12am 10:13am 10:16am 10:18am 10:19am 10:20am 10:23am 10:26am 10:31am 10:36am 10:40am 10:44am 10:45am 10:49am 10:50am 10:56am 11:00am 11:01am 11:03am 11:04am 11:09am 11:09am 11:12am 11:13am 11:14am 11:16am 11:21am 11:22am 11:26am 11:28am 11:30am 11:32am 11:33am 11:36am 11:38am 11:39am 11:41am 11:42am 11:44am 11:45am 11:45am 11:46am 11:47am 11:48am
10:38am 10:42am 10:43am 10:46am 10:48am 10:49am 10:50am 10:53am 10:56am 11:01am 11:06am 11:10am 11:14am 11:15am 11:19am 11:20am 11:26am 11:30am 11:31am 11:33am 11:34am 11:39am 11:39am 11:42am 11:43am 11:44am 11:46am 11:51am 11:52am 11:56am 11:58am 12:00pm 12:02pm 12:03pm 12:06pm 12:08pm 12:09pm 12:11pm 12:12pm 12:14pm 12:15pm 12:15pm 12:16pm 12:17pm 12:18pm
11:08am 11:12am 11:13am 11:16am 11:18am 11:19am 11:20am 11:23am 11:26am 11:31am 11:36am 11:40am 11:44am 11:45am 11:49am 11:50am 11:56am 12:00pm 12:01pm 12:03pm 12:04pm 12:09pm 12:09pm 12:12pm 12:13pm 12:14pm 12:16pm 12:21pm 12:22pm 12:26pm 12:28pm 12:30pm 12:32pm 12:33pm 12:36pm 12:38pm 12:39pm 12:41pm 12:42pm 12:44pm 12:45pm 12:45pm 12:46pm 12:47pm 12:48pm
11:38am 11:42am 11:43am 11:46am 11:48am 11:49am 11:50am 11:53am 11:56am 12:01pm 12:06pm 12:10pm 12:14pm 12:15pm 12:19pm 12:20pm 12:26pm 12:30pm 12:31pm 12:33pm 12:34pm 12:39pm 12:39pm 12:42pm 12:43pm 12:44pm 12:46pm 12:51pm 12:52pm 12:56pm 12:58pm 1:00pm 1:02pm 1:03pm 1:06pm 1:08pm 1:09pm 1:11pm 1:12pm 1:14pm 1:15pm 1:15pm 1:16pm 1:17pm 1:18pm
12:08pm 12:12pm 12:13pm 12:16pm 12:18pm 12:19pm 12:20pm 12:23pm 12:26pm 12:31pm 12:36pm 12:40pm 12:44pm 12:45pm 12:49pm 12:50pm 12:56pm 1:00pm 1:01pm 1:03pm 1:04pm 1:09pm 1:09pm 1:12pm 1:13pm 1:14pm 1:16pm 1:21pm 1:22pm 1:26pm 1:28pm 1:30pm 1:32pm 1:33pm 1:36pm 1:38pm 1:39pm 1:41pm 1:42pm 1:44pm 1:45pm 1:45pm 1:46pm 1:47pm 1:48pm
12:38pm 12:42pm 12:43pm 12:46pm 12:48pm 12:49pm 12:50pm 12:53pm 12:56pm 1:01pm 1:06pm 1:10pm 1:14pm 1:15pm 1:19pm 1:20pm 1:26pm 1:30pm 1:31pm 1:33pm 1:34pm 1:39pm 1:39pm 1:42pm 1:43pm 1:44pm 1:46pm 1:51pm 1:52pm 1:56pm 1:58pm 2:00pm 2:02pm 2:03pm 2:06pm 2:08pm 2:09pm 2:11pm 2:12pm 2:14pm 2:15pm 2:15pm 2:16pm 2:17pm 2:18pm
1:08pm 1:12pm 1:13pm 1:16pm 1:18pm 1:19pm 1:20pm 1:23pm 1:26pm 1:31pm 1:36pm 1:40pm 1:44pm 1:45pm 1:49pm 1:50pm 1:56pm 2:00pm 2:01pm 2:03pm 2:04pm 2:09pm 2:09pm 2:12pm 2:13pm 2:14pm 2:16pm 2:21pm 2:22pm 2:26pm 2:28pm 2:30pm 2:32pm 2:33pm 2:36pm 2:38pm 2:39pm 2:41pm 2:42pm 2:44pm 2:45pm 2:45pm 2:46pm 2:47pm 2:48pm
1:38pm 1:42pm 1:43pm 1:46pm 1:48pm 1:49pm 1:50pm 1:53pm 1:56pm 2:01pm 2:06pm 2:10pm 2:14pm 2:15pm 2:19pm 2:20pm 2:26pm 2:30pm 2:31pm 2:33pm 2:34pm 2:39pm 2:39pm 2:42pm 2:43pm 2:44pm 2:46pm 2:51pm 2:52pm 2:56pm 2:58pm 3:00pm 3:02pm 3:03pm 3:06pm 3:08pm 3:09pm 3:11pm 3:12pm 3:14pm 3:15pm 3:15pm 3:16pm 3:17pm 3:18pm
2:08pm 2:12pm 2:13pm 2:16pm 2:18pm 2:19pm 2:20pm 2:23pm 2:26pm 2:31pm 2:36pm 2:40pm 2:44pm 2:45pm 2:49pm 2:50pm 2:56pm 3:00pm 3:01pm 3:03pm 3:04pm 3:09pm 3:09pm 3:12pm 3:13pm 3:14pm 3:16pm 3:21pm 3:22pm 3:26pm 3:28pm 3:30pm 3:32pm 3:33pm 3:36pm 3:38pm 3:39pm 3:41pm 3:42pm 3:44pm 3:45pm 3:45pm 3:46pm 3:47pm 3:48pm
2:38pm 2:42pm 2:43pm 2:46pm 2:48pm 2:49pm 2:50pm 2:53pm 2:56pm 3:01pm 3:06pm 3:10pm 3:14pm 3:15pm 3:19pm 3:20pm 3:26pm 3:30pm 3:31pm 3:33pm 3:34pm 3:39pm 3:39pm 3:42pm 3:43pm 3:44pm 3:46pm 3:51pm 3:52pm 3:56pm 3:58pm 4:00pm 4:02pm 4:03pm 4:06pm 4:08pm 4:09pm 4:11pm 4:12pm 4:14pm 4:15pm 4:15pm 4:16pm 4:17pm 4:18pm
3:08pm 3:12pm 3:13pm 3:16pm 3:18pm 3:19pm 3:20pm 3:23pm 3:26pm 3:31pm 3:36pm 3:40pm 3:44pm 3:45pm 3:49pm 3:50pm 3:56pm 4:00pm 4:01pm 4:03pm 4:04pm 4:09pm 4:09pm 4:12pm 4:13pm 4:14pm 4:16pm 4:21pm 4:22pm 4:26pm 4:28pm 4:30pm 4:32pm 4:33pm 4:36pm 4:38pm 4:39pm 4:41pm 4:42pm 4:44pm 4:45pm 4:45pm 4:46pm 4:47pm 4:48pm
3:38pm 3:42pm 3:43pm 3:46pm 3:48pm 3:49pm 3:50pm 3:53pm 3:56pm 4:01pm 4:06pm 4:10pm 4:14pm 4:15pm 4:19pm 4:20pm 4:26pm 4:30pm 4:31pm 4:33pm 4:34pm 4:39pm 4:39pm 4:42pm 4:43pm 4:44pm 4:46pm 4:51pm 4:52pm 4:56pm 4:58pm 5:00pm 5:02pm 5:03pm 5:06pm 5:08pm 5:09pm 5:11pm 5:12pm 5:14pm 5:15pm 5:15pm 5:16pm 5:17pm 5:18pm
4:08pm 4:12pm 4:13pm 4:16pm 4:18pm 4:19pm 4:20pm 4:23pm 4:26pm 4:31pm 4:36pm 4:40pm 4:44pm 4:45pm 4:49pm 4:50pm 4:56pm 5:00pm 5:01pm 5:03pm 5:04pm 5:09pm 5:09pm 5:12pm 5:13pm 5:14pm 5:16pm 5:21pm 5:22pm 5:26pm 5:28pm 5:30pm 5:32pm 5:33pm 5:36pm 5:38pm 5:39pm 5:41pm 5:42pm 5:44pm 5:45pm 5:45pm 5:46pm 5:47pm 5:48pm
4:38pm 4:42pm 4:43pm 4:46pm 4:48pm 4:49pm 4:50pm 4:53pm 4:56pm 5:01pm 5:06pm 5:10pm 5:14pm 5:15pm 5:19pm 5:20pm 5:26pm 5:30pm 5:31pm 5:33pm 5:34pm 5:39pm 5:39pm 5:42pm 5:43pm 5:44pm 5:46pm 5:51pm 5:52pm 5:56pm 5:58pm 6:00pm 6:02pm 6:03pm 6:06pm 6:08pm 6:09pm 6:11pm 6:12pm 6:14pm 6:15pm 6:15pm 6:16pm 6:17pm 6:18pm
5:08pm 5:12pm 5:13pm 5:16pm 5:18pm 5:19pm 5:20pm 5:23pm 5:26pm 5:31pm 5:36pm 5:40pm 5:44pm 5:45pm 5:49pm 5:50pm 5:56pm 6:00pm 6:01pm 6:03pm 6:04pm 6:09pm 6:09pm 6:12pm 6:13pm 6:14pm 6:16pm 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:26pm 6:28pm 6:30pm 6:32pm 6:33pm 6:36pm 6:38pm 6:39pm 6:41pm 6:42pm 6:44pm 6:45pm 6:45pm 6:46pm 6:47pm 6:48pm
5:38pm 5:42pm 5:43pm 5:46pm 5:48pm 5:49pm 5:50pm 5:53pm 5:56pm 6:01pm 6:06pm 6:10pm 6:14pm 6:15pm 6:19pm 6:20pm 6:26pm 6:30pm 6:31pm 6:33pm 6:34pm 6:39pm 6:39pm 6:42pm 6:43pm 6:44pm 6:46pm 6:51pm 6:52pm 6:56pm 6:58pm 7:00pm 7:02pm 7:03pm 7:06pm 7:08pm 7:09pm 7:11pm 7:12pm 7:14pm 7:15pm 7:15pm 7:16pm 7:17pm 7:18pm
6:08pm 6:12pm 6:13pm 6:16pm 6:18pm 6:19pm 6:20pm 6:23pm 6:26pm 6:31pm 6:36pm 6:40pm 6:44pm 6:45pm 6:49pm 6:50pm 6:56pm 7:00pm 7:01pm 7:03pm 7:04pm 7:09pm 7:09pm 7:12pm 7:13pm 7:14pm 7:16pm 7:21pm 7:22pm 7:26pm 7:28pm 7:30pm 7:32pm 7:33pm 7:36pm 7:38pm 7:39pm 7:41pm 7:42pm 7:44pm 7:45pm 7:45pm 7:46pm 7:47pm 7:48pm
6:38pm 6:42pm 6:43pm 6:46pm 6:48pm 6:49pm 6:50pm 6:53pm 6:56pm 7:01pm 7:06pm 7:10pm 7:14pm 7:15pm 7:19pm 7:20pm 7:26pm 7:30pm 7:31pm 7:33pm 7:34pm 7:39pm 7:39pm 7:42pm 7:43pm 7:44pm 7:46pm 7:51pm 7:52pm 7:56pm 7:58pm 8:00pm 8:02pm 8:03pm 8:06pm 8:08pm 8:09pm 8:11pm 8:12pm 8:14pm 8:15pm 8:15pm 8:16pm 8:17pm 8:18pm
7:08pm 7:12pm 7:13pm 7:16pm 7:18pm 7:19pm 7:20pm 7:23pm 7:26pm 7:31pm 7:36pm 7:40pm 7:44pm 7:45pm 7:49pm 7:50pm 7:56pm 8:00pm 8:01pm 8:03pm 8:04pm 8:09pm 8:09pm 8:12pm 8:13pm 8:14pm 8:16pm 8:21pm 8:22pm 8:26pm 8:28pm 8:30pm 8:32pm 8:33pm 8:36pm 8:38pm 8:39pm 8:41pm 8:42pm 8:44pm 8:45pm 8:45pm 8:46pm 8:47pm 8:48pm
7:38pm 7:42pm 7:43pm 7:46pm 7:48pm 7:49pm 7:50pm 7:53pm 7:56pm 8:01pm 8:06pm 8:10pm 8:14pm 8:15pm 8:19pm 8:20pm 8:26pm 8:30pm 8:31pm 8:33pm 8:34pm 8:39pm 8:39pm 8:42pm 8:43pm 8:44pm 8:46pm 8:51pm 8:52pm 8:56pm 8:58pm 9:00pm 9:02pm 9:03pm 9:06pm 9:08pm 9:09pm 9:11pm 9:12pm 9:14pm 9:15pm 9:15pm 9:16pm 9:17pm 9:18pm
8:08pm 8:12pm 8:13pm 8:16pm 8:18pm 8:19pm 8:20pm 8:23pm 8:26pm 8:31pm 8:36pm 8:40pm 8:44pm 8:45pm 8:49pm 8:50pm 8:56pm 9:00pm 9:01pm 9:03pm 9:04pm 9:09pm 9:09pm 9:12pm 9:13pm 9:14pm 9:16pm 9:21pm 9:22pm 9:26pm 9:28pm 9:30pm 9:32pm 9:33pm 9:36pm 9:38pm 9:39pm 9:41pm 9:42pm 9:44pm 9:45pm 9:45pm 9:46pm 9:47pm 9:48pm
8:30pm 8:32pm 8:33pm 8:37pm 8:38pm 8:39pm 8:40pm 8:45pm 8:48pm 8:53pm 8:58pm 9:02pm 9:04pm 9:06pm 9:06pm 9:08pm 9:08pm 9:13pm 9:15pm 9:19pm 9:20pm 9:26pm 9:30pm 9:31pm 9:33pm 9:34pm 9:39pm 9:42pm 9:43pm 9:44pm 9:46pm 9:51pm 9:52pm 9:56pm 9:58pm 10:00pm 10:02pm 10:06pm 10:08pm 10:09pm 10:11pm 10:14pm 10:15pm 10:15pm 10:16pm 10:17pm 10:18pm
9:00pm 9:02pm 9:03pm 9:07pm 9:08pm 9:09pm 9:10pm 9:15pm 9:18pm 9:23pm 9:28pm 9:32pm 9:34pm 9:36pm 9:36pm 9:38pm 9:38pm 9:43pm 9:45pm 9:49pm 9:50pm 9:56pm 10:00pm 10:01pm 10:03pm 10:04pm 10:09pm 10:12pm 10:13pm 10:14pm 10:16pm 10:21pm 10:22pm 10:26pm 10:28pm 10:30pm 10:32pm 10:36pm 10:38pm 10:39pm 10:41pm 10:44pm 10:45pm 10:45pm 10:46pm 10:47pm 10:48pm
10:00pm 10:02pm 10:03pm 10:07pm 10:08pm 10:09pm 10:10pm 10:15pm 10:18pm 10:23pm 10:28pm 10:32pm 10:34pm 10:36pm 10:36pm 10:38pm 10:38pm 10:43pm 10:45pm 10:49pm 10:50pm 10:56pm 11:00pm 11:01pm 11:03pm 11:04pm 11:09pm 11:12pm 11:13pm 11:14pm 11:16pm 11:21pm 11:22pm 11:26pm 11:28pm 11:30pm 11:32pm 11:36pm 11:38pm 11:39pm 11:41pm 11:44pm 11:45pm 11:45pm 11:46pm 11:47pm 11:48pm

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Roaring Fork Valley Local | Mon-Sun
Rubey Park Transit Center
Paepcke Park
Main St + 4th St
Hallam St + 8th St
Hwy 82 + Cemetery Ln
Hwy 82 + Roundabout DV
Truscott DV
Aspen Country Inn DV
Buttermilk DV
AABC Airport DV
Hwy 82 + Service Center Rd DV
Brush Creek Park & Ride
Hwy 82 + Smith Way
Hwy 82 + Twining Flats Rd DV
Hwy 82 + Aspen Village Rd DV
Hwy 82 + Watson Divide Rd DV
Old Snowmass DV
Hwy 82 + Lazy Glen Way DV
Wingo Junction DV
Holland Hills DV
Basalt Park & Ride DV
Downtown Basalt
Two Rivers Rd + Hillcrest Dr DV
Hwy 82 + Original Rd DV
Willits DV
El Jebel Park & Ride DV
JW Dr + El Jebel Rd
JW Dr + Deer Run
JW Dr + Buckskin Dr
Hwy 82 + Catherine Store Rd DV
Ranch at Roaring Fork DV
Carbondale Park & Ride
Main St + Hwy 133
Carbondale Pool
6th St + Colorado Ave
Main St + Hwy 133
Carbondale Park & Ride
Aspen Glen DV
Hwy 82 + Spring Valley Rd DV
Roaring Fork Marketplace
27th St Station
Grand Ave + 20th St
Grand Ave + 14th St
9th St + Colorado Ave
8th St + Pitkin Ave
Glenwood Rec Center
Glenwood Meadows
West Glenwood Park & Ride
6:15am 6:15am 6:16am 6:17am 6:17am 6:18am 6:19am 6:20am 6:21am 6:24am 6:25am 6:30am 6:30am 6:31am 6:33am 6:33am 6:38am 6:40am 6:41am 6:41am 6:44am 6:45am 6:48am 6:49am 6:51am 6:52am 6:53am 6:56am 6:56am 7:00am 7:01am 7:07am 7:10am 7:14am 7:20am 7:21am 7:22am 7:23am 7:24am 7:24am 7:27am 7:28am 7:30am
6:45am 6:45am 6:46am 6:47am 6:47am 6:48am 6:49am 6:50am 6:51am 6:54am 6:55am 7:00am 7:00am 7:01am 7:03am 7:03am 7:08am 7:10am 7:11am 7:11am 7:14am 7:15am 7:18am 7:19am 7:21am 7:22am 7:23am 7:26am 7:26am 7:30am 7:31am 7:37am 7:40am 7:44am 7:50am 7:51am 7:52am 7:53am 7:54am 7:54am 7:57am 7:58am 8:00am
7:15am 7:15am 7:16am 7:17am 7:17am 7:18am 7:19am 7:20am 7:21am 7:24am 7:25am 7:30am 7:30am 7:31am 7:33am 7:33am 7:38am 7:40am 7:41am 7:41am 7:44am 7:45am 7:48am 7:49am 7:51am 7:52am 7:53am 7:56am 7:56am 8:00am 8:01am 8:07am 8:10am 8:14am 8:20am 8:21am 8:22am 8:23am 8:24am 8:24am 8:27am 8:28am 8:30am
7:45am 7:45am 7:46am 7:47am 7:47am 7:48am 7:49am 7:50am 7:51am 7:54am 7:55am 8:00am 8:00am 8:01am 8:03am 8:03am 8:08am 8:10am 8:11am 8:11am 8:14am 8:15am 8:18am 8:19am 8:21am 8:22am 8:23am 8:26am 8:26am 8:30am 8:31am 8:37am 8:40am 8:44am 8:50am 8:51am 8:52am 8:53am 8:54am 8:54am 8:57am 8:58am 9:00am
8:15am 8:15am 8:16am 8:17am 8:17am 8:18am 8:19am 8:20am 8:21am 8:24am 8:25am 8:30am 8:30am 8:31am 8:33am 8:33am 8:38am 8:40am 8:41am 8:41am 8:44am 8:45am 8:48am 8:49am 8:51am 8:52am 8:53am 8:56am 8:56am 9:00am 9:01am 9:07am 9:10am 9:14am 9:20am 9:21am 9:22am 9:23am 9:24am 9:24am 9:27am 9:28am 9:30am
8:45am 8:45am 8:46am 8:47am 8:47am 8:48am 8:49am 8:50am 8:51am 8:54am 8:55am 9:00am 9:00am 9:01am 9:03am 9:03am 9:08am 9:10am 9:11am 9:11am 9:14am 9:15am 9:18am 9:19am 9:21am 9:22am 9:23am 9:26am 9:26am 9:30am 9:31am 9:37am 9:40am 9:44am 9:50am 9:51am 9:52am 9:53am 9:54am 9:54am 9:57am 9:58am 10:00am
9:15am 9:15am 9:16am 9:17am 9:17am 9:18am 9:19am 9:20am 9:21am 9:24am 9:25am 9:30am 9:30am 9:31am 9:33am 9:33am 9:38am 9:40am 9:41am 9:41am 9:44am 9:45am 9:48am 9:49am 9:51am 9:52am 9:53am 9:56am 9:56am 10:00am 10:01am 10:07am 10:10am 10:14am 10:20am 10:21am 10:22am 10:23am 10:24am 10:24am 10:27am 10:28am 10:30am
9:45am 9:45am 9:46am 9:47am 9:47am 9:48am 9:49am 9:50am 9:51am 9:54am 9:55am 10:00am 10:00am 10:01am 10:03am 10:03am 10:08am 10:10am 10:11am 10:11am 10:14am 10:15am 10:18am 10:19am 10:21am 10:22am 10:23am 10:26am 10:26am 10:30am 10:31am 10:37am 10:40am 10:44am 10:50am 10:51am 10:52am 10:53am 10:54am 10:54am 10:57am 10:58am 11:00am
10:15am 10:15am 10:16am 10:17am 10:17am 10:18am 10:19am 10:20am 10:21am 10:24am 10:25am 10:30am 10:30am 10:31am 10:33am 10:33am 10:38am 10:40am 10:41am 10:41am 10:44am 10:45am 10:48am 10:49am 10:51am 10:52am 10:53am 10:56am 10:56am 11:00am 11:01am 11:07am 11:10am 11:14am 11:20am 11:21am 11:22am 11:23am 11:24am 11:24am 11:27am 11:28am 11:30am
10:45am 10:45am 10:46am 10:47am 10:47am 10:48am 10:49am 10:50am 10:51am 10:54am 10:55am 11:00am 11:00am 11:01am 11:03am 11:03am 11:08am 11:10am 11:11am 11:11am 11:14am 11:15am 11:18am 11:19am 11:21am 11:22am 11:23am 11:26am 11:26am 11:30am 11:31am 11:37am 11:40am 11:44am 11:50am 11:51am 11:52am 11:53am 11:54am 11:54am 11:57am 11:58am 12:00pm
11:15am 11:15am 11:16am 11:17am 11:17am 11:18am 11:19am 11:20am 11:21am 11:24am 11:25am 11:30am 11:30am 11:31am 11:33am 11:33am 11:38am 11:40am 11:41am 11:41am 11:44am 11:45am 11:48am 11:49am 11:51am 11:52am 11:53am 11:56am 11:56am 12:00pm 12:01pm 12:07pm 12:10pm 12:14pm 12:20pm 12:21pm 12:22pm 12:23pm 12:24pm 12:24pm 12:27pm 12:28pm 12:30pm
11:45am 11:45am 11:46am 11:47am 11:47am 11:48am 11:49am 11:50am 11:51am 11:54am 11:55am 12:00pm 12:00pm 12:01pm 12:03pm 12:03pm 12:08pm 12:10pm 12:11pm 12:11pm 12:14pm 12:15pm 12:18pm 12:19pm 12:21pm 12:22pm 12:23pm 12:26pm 12:26pm 12:30pm 12:31pm 12:37pm 12:40pm 12:44pm 12:50pm 12:51pm 12:52pm 12:53pm 12:54pm 12:54pm 12:57pm 12:58pm 1:00pm
12:15pm 12:15pm 12:16pm 12:17pm 12:17pm 12:18pm 12:19pm 12:20pm 12:21pm 12:24pm 12:25pm 12:30pm 12:30pm 12:31pm 12:33pm 12:33pm 12:38pm 12:40pm 12:41pm 12:41pm 12:44pm 12:45pm 12:48pm 12:49pm 12:51pm 12:52pm 12:53pm 12:56pm 12:56pm 1:00pm 1:01pm 1:07pm 1:10pm 1:14pm 1:20pm 1:21pm 1:22pm 1:23pm 1:24pm 1:24pm 1:27pm 1:28pm 1:30pm
12:45pm 12:45pm 12:46pm 12:47pm 12:47pm 12:48pm 12:49pm 12:50pm 12:51pm 12:54pm 12:55pm 1:00pm 1:00pm 1:01pm 1:03pm 1:03pm 1:08pm 1:10pm 1:11pm 1:11pm 1:14pm 1:15pm 1:18pm 1:19pm 1:21pm 1:22pm 1:23pm 1:26pm 1:26pm 1:30pm 1:31pm 1:37pm 1:40pm 1:44pm 1:50pm 1:51pm 1:52pm 1:53pm 1:54pm 1:54pm 1:57pm 1:58pm 2:00pm
1:15pm 1:15pm 1:16pm 1:17pm 1:17pm 1:18pm 1:19pm 1:20pm 1:21pm 1:24pm 1:25pm 1:30pm 1:30pm 1:31pm 1:33pm 1:33pm 1:38pm 1:40pm 1:41pm 1:41pm 1:44pm 1:45pm 1:48pm 1:49pm 1:51pm 1:52pm 1:53pm 1:56pm 1:56pm 2:00pm 2:01pm 2:07pm 2:10pm 2:14pm 2:20pm 2:21pm 2:22pm 2:23pm 2:24pm 2:24pm 2:27pm 2:28pm 2:30pm
1:45pm 1:45pm 1:46pm 1:47pm 1:47pm 1:48pm 1:49pm 1:50pm 1:51pm 1:54pm 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 2:01pm 2:03pm 2:03pm 2:08pm 2:10pm 2:11pm 2:11pm 2:14pm 2:15pm 2:18pm 2:19pm 2:21pm 2:22pm 2:23pm 2:26pm 2:26pm 2:30pm 2:31pm 2:37pm 2:40pm 2:44pm 2:50pm 2:51pm 2:52pm 2:53pm 2:54pm 2:54pm 2:57pm 2:58pm 3:00pm
2:15pm 2:15pm 2:16pm 2:17pm 2:17pm 2:18pm 2:19pm 2:20pm 2:21pm 2:24pm 2:25pm 2:30pm 2:30pm 2:31pm 2:33pm 2:33pm 2:38pm 2:40pm 2:41pm 2:41pm 2:44pm 2:45pm 2:48pm 2:49pm 2:51pm 2:52pm 2:53pm 2:56pm 2:56pm 3:00pm 3:01pm 3:07pm 3:10pm 3:14pm 3:20pm 3:21pm 3:22pm 3:23pm 3:24pm 3:24pm 3:27pm 3:28pm 3:30pm
2:45pm 2:45pm 2:46pm 2:47pm 2:47pm 2:48pm 2:49pm 2:50pm 2:51pm 2:54pm 2:55pm 3:00pm 3:00pm 3:01pm 3:03pm 3:03pm 3:08pm 3:10pm 3:11pm 3:11pm 3:14pm 3:15pm 3:18pm 3:19pm 3:21pm 3:22pm 3:23pm 3:26pm 3:26pm 3:30pm 3:31pm 3:37pm 3:40pm 3:44pm 3:50pm 3:51pm 3:52pm 3:53pm 3:54pm 3:54pm 3:57pm 3:58pm 4:00pm
3:15pm 3:15pm 3:16pm 3:17pm 3:17pm 3:18pm 3:19pm 3:20pm 3:21pm 3:24pm 3:25pm 3:30pm 3:30pm 3:31pm 3:33pm 3:33pm 3:38pm 3:40pm 3:41pm 3:41pm 3:44pm 3:45pm 3:48pm 3:49pm 3:51pm 3:52pm 3:53pm 3:56pm 3:56pm 4:00pm 4:01pm 4:07pm 4:10pm 4:14pm 4:20pm 4:21pm 4:22pm 4:23pm 4:24pm 4:24pm 4:27pm 4:28pm 4:30pm
3:45pm 3:45pm 3:46pm 3:47pm 3:47pm 3:48pm 3:49pm 3:50pm 3:51pm 3:54pm 3:55pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:01pm 4:03pm 4:03pm 4:08pm 4:10pm 4:11pm 4:11pm 4:14pm 4:15pm 4:18pm 4:19pm 4:21pm 4:22pm 4:23pm 4:26pm 4:26pm 4:30pm 4:31pm 4:37pm 4:40pm 4:44pm 4:50pm 4:51pm 4:52pm 4:53pm 4:54pm 4:54pm 4:57pm 4:58pm 5:00pm
4:15pm 4:15pm 4:16pm 4:17pm 4:17pm 4:18pm 4:19pm 4:20pm 4:21pm 4:24pm 4:25pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:31pm 4:33pm 4:33pm 4:38pm 4:40pm 4:41pm 4:41pm 4:44pm 4:45pm 4:48pm 4:49pm 4:51pm 4:52pm 4:53pm 4:56pm 4:56pm 5:00pm 5:01pm 5:07pm 5:10pm 5:14pm 5:20pm 5:21pm 5:22pm 5:23pm 5:24pm 5:24pm 5:27pm 5:28pm 5:30pm
4:45pm 4:45pm 4:46pm 4:47pm 4:47pm 4:48pm 4:49pm 4:50pm 4:51pm 4:54pm 4:55pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:01pm 5:03pm 5:03pm 5:08pm 5:10pm 5:11pm 5:11pm 5:14pm 5:15pm 5:18pm 5:19pm 5:21pm 5:22pm 5:23pm 5:26pm 5:26pm 5:30pm 5:31pm 5:37pm 5:40pm 5:44pm 5:50pm 5:51pm 5:52pm 5:53pm 5:54pm 5:54pm 5:57pm 5:58pm 6:00pm
5:15pm 5:15pm 5:16pm 5:17pm 5:17pm 5:18pm 5:19pm 5:20pm 5:21pm 5:24pm 5:25pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5:31pm 5:33pm 5:33pm 5:38pm 5:40pm 5:41pm 5:41pm 5:44pm 5:45pm 5:48pm 5:49pm 5:51pm 5:52pm 5:53pm 5:56pm 5:56pm 6:00pm 6:01pm 6:07pm 6:10pm 6:14pm 6:20pm 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:23pm 6:24pm 6:24pm 6:27pm 6:28pm 6:30pm
5:45pm 5:45pm 5:46pm 5:47pm 5:47pm 5:48pm 5:49pm 5:50pm 5:51pm 5:54pm 5:55pm 6:00pm 6:00pm 6:01pm 6:03pm 6:03pm 6:08pm 6:10pm 6:11pm 6:11pm 6:14pm 6:15pm 6:18pm 6:19pm 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:23pm 6:26pm 6:26pm 6:30pm 6:31pm 6:37pm 6:40pm 6:44pm 6:50pm 6:51pm 6:52pm 6:53pm 6:54pm 6:54pm 6:57pm 6:58pm 7:00pm
6:15pm 6:15pm 6:16pm 6:17pm 6:17pm 6:18pm 6:19pm 6:20pm 6:21pm 6:24pm 6:25pm 6:30pm 6:30pm 6:31pm 6:33pm 6:33pm 6:38pm 6:40pm 6:41pm 6:41pm 6:44pm 6:45pm 6:48pm 6:49pm 6:51pm 6:52pm 6:53pm 6:56pm 6:56pm 7:00pm 7:01pm 7:07pm 7:10pm 7:14pm 7:20pm 7:21pm 7:22pm 7:23pm 7:24pm 7:24pm 7:27pm 7:28pm 7:30pm
6:45pm 6:45pm 6:46pm 6:47pm 6:47pm 6:48pm 6:49pm 6:50pm 6:51pm 6:54pm 6:55pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:01pm 7:03pm 7:03pm 7:08pm 7:10pm 7:11pm 7:11pm 7:14pm 7:15pm 7:18pm 7:19pm 7:21pm 7:22pm 7:23pm 7:26pm 7:26pm 7:30pm 7:31pm 7:37pm 7:40pm 7:44pm 7:50pm 7:51pm 7:52pm 7:53pm 7:54pm 7:54pm 7:57pm 7:58pm 8:00pm
7:15pm 7:15pm 7:16pm 7:17pm 7:17pm 7:18pm 7:19pm 7:20pm 7:21pm 7:24pm 7:25pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:31pm 7:33pm 7:33pm 7:38pm 7:40pm 7:41pm 7:41pm 7:44pm 7:45pm 7:48pm 7:49pm 7:51pm 7:52pm 7:53pm 7:56pm 7:56pm 8:00pm 8:01pm 8:07pm 8:10pm 8:14pm 8:20pm 8:21pm 8:22pm 8:23pm 8:24pm 8:24pm 8:27pm 8:28pm 8:30pm
7:45pm 7:45pm 7:46pm 7:47pm 7:47pm 7:48pm 7:49pm 7:50pm 7:51pm 7:54pm 7:55pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 8:01pm 8:03pm 8:03pm 8:08pm 8:10pm 8:11pm 8:11pm 8:14pm 8:15pm 8:18pm 8:19pm 8:21pm 8:22pm 8:23pm 8:26pm 8:26pm 8:30pm 8:31pm 8:37pm 8:40pm 8:44pm 8:50pm 8:51pm 8:52pm 8:53pm 8:54pm 8:54pm 8:57pm 8:58pm 9:00pm
8:15pm 8:15pm 8:16pm 8:17pm 8:17pm 8:18pm 8:19pm 8:20pm 8:21pm 8:24pm 8:25pm 8:30pm 8:30pm 8:31pm 8:33pm 8:33pm 8:38pm 8:40pm 8:41pm 8:41pm 8:44pm 8:45pm 8:48pm 8:49pm 8:51pm 8:52pm 8:53pm 8:56pm 8:56pm 9:00pm 9:01pm 9:07pm 9:09pm 9:10pm 9:10pm 9:12pm 9:12pm 9:16pm 9:21pm 9:27pm 9:28pm 9:29pm 9:30pm 9:31pm 9:31pm 9:34pm 9:35pm 9:37pm
8:45pm 8:45pm 8:46pm 8:47pm 8:47pm 8:48pm 8:49pm 8:50pm 8:51pm 8:54pm 8:55pm 9:00pm 9:00pm 9:01pm 9:03pm 9:03pm 9:08pm 9:10pm 9:11pm 9:11pm 9:14pm 9:15pm 9:18pm 9:19pm 9:21pm 9:22pm 9:23pm 9:26pm 9:26pm 9:30pm 9:31pm 9:37pm 9:39pm 9:40pm 9:40pm 9:42pm 9:42pm 9:46pm 9:51pm 9:57pm 9:58pm 9:59pm 10:00pm 10:01pm 10:01pm 10:04pm 10:05pm 10:07pm
9:15pm 9:15pm 9:16pm 9:17pm 9:17pm 9:18pm 9:19pm 9:20pm 9:21pm 9:24pm 9:25pm 9:30pm 9:30pm 9:31pm 9:33pm 9:33pm 9:38pm 9:40pm 9:41pm 9:41pm 9:44pm 9:45pm 9:48pm 9:49pm 9:51pm 9:52pm 9:53pm 9:56pm 9:56pm 10:00pm 10:01pm 10:07pm 10:09pm 10:10pm 10:10pm 10:12pm 10:12pm 10:16pm 10:21pm 10:27pm 10:28pm 10:29pm 10:30pm 10:31pm 10:31pm 10:34pm 10:35pm 10:37pm
9:45pm 9:45pm 9:46pm 9:47pm 9:47pm 9:48pm 9:49pm 9:50pm 9:51pm 9:54pm 9:55pm 10:00pm 10:00pm 10:01pm 10:03pm 10:03pm 10:08pm 10:10pm 10:11pm 10:11pm 10:14pm 10:15pm 10:18pm 10:19pm 10:21pm 10:22pm 10:23pm 10:26pm 10:26pm 10:30pm 10:31pm 10:37pm 10:39pm 10:40pm 10:40pm 10:42pm 10:42pm 10:46pm 10:51pm 10:57pm 10:58pm 10:59pm 11:00pm 11:01pm 11:01pm 11:04pm 11:05pm 11:07pm
10:15pm 10:15pm 10:16pm 10:17pm 10:17pm 10:18pm 10:19pm 10:20pm 10:21pm 10:24pm 10:25pm 10:30pm 10:30pm 10:31pm 10:33pm 10:33pm 10:38pm 10:40pm 10:41pm 10:41pm 10:44pm 10:45pm 10:48pm 10:49pm 10:51pm 10:52pm 10:53pm 10:56pm 10:56pm 11:00pm 11:01pm 11:07pm 11:09pm 11:10pm 11:10pm 11:12pm 11:12pm 11:16pm 11:21pm 11:27pm 11:28pm 11:29pm 11:30pm 11:31pm 11:31pm 11:34pm 11:35pm 11:37pm
10:45pm 10:45pm 10:46pm 10:47pm 10:47pm 10:48pm 10:49pm 10:50pm 10:51pm 10:54pm 10:55pm 11:00pm 11:00pm 11:01pm 11:03pm 11:03pm 11:08pm 11:10pm 11:11pm 11:11pm 11:14pm 11:15pm 11:18pm 11:19pm 11:21pm 11:22pm 11:23pm 11:26pm 11:26pm 11:30pm 11:31pm 11:37pm 11:39pm 11:40pm 11:40pm 11:42pm 11:42pm 11:46pm 11:51pm 11:57pm 11:58pm 11:59pm 12:00am 12:01am 12:01am 12:04am 12:05am 12:07am
11:15pm 11:15pm 11:16pm 11:17pm 11:17pm 11:18pm 11:19pm 11:20pm 11:21pm 11:24pm 11:25pm 11:30pm 11:30pm 11:31pm 11:33pm 11:33pm 11:38pm 11:40pm 11:41pm 11:41pm 11:44pm 11:45pm 11:48pm 11:49pm 11:51pm 11:52pm 11:53pm 11:56pm 11:56pm 12:00am 12:01am 12:07am 12:09am 12:10am 12:10am 12:12am 12:12am 12:16am 12:21am 12:27am 12:28am 12:29am 12:30am 12:31am 12:31am 12:34am 12:35am 12:37am
12:15am 12:15am 12:16am 12:17am 12:17am 12:18am 12:19am 12:20am 12:21am 12:24am 12:25am 12:30am 12:30am 12:31am 12:33am 12:33am 12:38am 12:40am 12:41am 12:41am 12:44am 12:45am 12:48am 12:49am 12:51am 12:52am 12:53am 12:56am 12:56am 1:00am 1:01am 1:07am 1:09am 1:10am 1:10am 1:12am 1:12am 1:16am 1:21am 1:27am 1:28am 1:29am 1:30am 1:31am 1:31am 1:34am 1:35am 1:37am


X = Express Bus – All Express buses have suspended operation due to COVID-19 service reductions. 
N = Connection to a New Castle bus – CHANGES HAVE OCCURRED. Check schedules below. 
R = Connection to New Castle, Silt and Rifle bus
B = Bustang Connection at West Glenwood Park & Ride


S = Direct service to Snowmass Village – All Snowmass Direct buses have suspended operation due to COVID-19 service reductions.
* = No service to Snowmass Village
X = Local and Express Bus to Aspen – All Express buses have suspended operation due to COVID-19 service reductions.
B =  A 10:00pm bus departs the West Glenwood Park & Ride for Bustang passengers. 

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