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Thank you for your interest in RFTA’s Procurements and Contracts. RFTA is a governmental entity that receives funding from local, state and federal agencies. As a result, RFTA has to be a responsible steward of those funds and ensure that we are always getting the best quality product or service at the best value.  It’s how we are accountable to those who entrust us with millions of dollars each year and it’s how we ensure that we have access to those funds moving into the future. The procurement of quality products, cost-effective equipment and services is a high-priority for our agency.

  1. Establish your business with RFTA
    RFTA maintains a list of businesses and vendors interested in doing business with us. Increase your business opportunities by getting on our vendor registration list.
  1. Check Current Solicitations
    Review the list of products and services RFTA is looking to purchase in our current solicitations. RFTA creates an invitation for bid, request for proposal, request for quotation or request for qualification, depending on the type of project.
  1. Download a Solicitation Package
    Pick up a bid/proposal package to learn more about the project including a description of the work required, all applicable requirements, scheduled site visits, and more.
  2. Attend Pre-Bid Meetings for Projects
    Attend pre-bid meetings to learn more about the contract specifications and network with primes and subcontractors interested in the same contract. RFTA encourages prime contractors to partner with certified small and disadvantage business enterprises. The pre-bid meetings provide a great opportunity to meet and exchange information. Please note that some projects do not have pre-bid meetings.
  3. Submit Bid/Proposal
    Submit a competitive bid/proposal with all the requested documents, forms, and signatures.

Please read RFTA’s Procurement Guidelines.

SEC Municipal Advisor Rule Evidence of IRMA Exemption

If you have questions about how to do business with RFTA, find answers in Procurement Frequently Asked Questions. For Procurement questions please contact Tammy Sommerfeld, RFTA Procurement Manager, (970) 384-4869 or Barbara Hauptli, Procurement Specialist, (970) 384-4861. All official questions and communication may be directed via email to

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