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Off-Season Weekend
BRT Service!

VelociRFTA BRT will now operate 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year! This service is now enhanced in the Spring and Fall off-seasons to accommodate riders wanting to travel any day of the week all year long on our most popular and fastest route.

Local Valley Service

Local Valley service is now at 30-minute headways all day, from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. This continuous, 30-minute schedule is in effect Monday-Friday during Spring, Fall and Fall Shoulder; and daily during Summer and Winter peak seasons.

Daily Carbondale Circulator Service

The Carbondale Circulator will now operate 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year! Service is now enhanced in the Spring and Fall off-seasons to accommodate locals wishing to travel any day of the week to catch Local or BRT buses at the Carbondale Park & Ride.

More Connections to Snowmass Village

Increased connections to Snowmass Village at the Brush Creek Park & Ride during the Spring and Fall off-seasons to correspond to the increased Local Valley service. Busses will connect with 15-minute BRT service during the morning and afternoon peak hours.

These New Services Start with RFTA’s Spring
Season Schedules on Monday, April 22

Preview Spring Schedules:

VelociRFTA BRT Schedule (7 Days a Week)
Local Valley-Hogback Schedule  (Services 7 Days a Week)
Carbondale Circulator (7 Days a Week)
VelociRFTA BRT and Local Valley Schedule Combined (Monday-Friday only)
City of Aspen Free Shuttles (7 Days a Week)

Spring Season Schedule Changes


• Woody Creek service will discontinue until June 8th
• Hogback service will have reduced frequency on weekends
• Aspen service will have reduced hours (7am-12am Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm Sundays)
• City of Aspen’s Crosstown & Galena Shuttle service will discontinue

RFTA 2040 logo

These new off-season service enhancements are
brought to you by RFTA Destination 2040

Following the 2018 ballot vote on November 6, 2018, member jurisdictions voted to pass the 2.65 mill levy ballot measure to help fund strategic improvements to our region’s transportation system. To view more projects and status updates view the Destination 2040 Project Roadmap.

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