September 21, 2018, GOAT UPDATE – The Goats have gone home!

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in having the goats along the Rio Grande Trail. We are pleased to say they have helped our weed mitigation tremendously. For more information on the goats and why we have them along side the trail watch this video we created and tell all of your friends!

AUGUST 13, 2018, GOAT UPDATE – The Goats are Back

The goats are coming back as a part of RFTA’s Integrated Weed Management Plan for the Rio Grande Trail corridor!  RFTA hopes to have the goats arrive in the Roaring Fork Valley on or around August 13, 2018.  We will have 2 separate herds of approximately 225 goats in each, or 450 total.  We plan to start one group near Glenwood Springs and one near Emma and work to meet in the middle.  We are planning to have the goats here for 35 days or so.

Please remember to keep dogs on leash at all times, while on the Rio Grande Trail.

  • Do not touch the electric fencing as you will get shocked
  • Please do not try to pet the goats, the goats are working animals and not pets
  • Keep dogs on leash at all times while on the trail
  • Please, remember good trail etiquette and slow down in the work zone

If you would like to stop and watch the goats, please stand off the trail/shoulder to allow other users to pass safely. We apologize for any inconvenience during the project, but please be patient as the herder’s work.

For the third year in a row, RFTA has contracted with Goat Green, LLC to graze 450 goats through the lower 20 miles of the railroad corridor.  Lani Malmberg with Goat Green has been professionally grazing goats for 20 years.  Goat Green will manage the goats using electric fencing and Border collies.  RFTA is trying to shift the paradigm away from spraying toxic and harmful herbicides and instead utilize goats to graze and build soil health.  The Rio Grande Trail will remain open during the project, but delays and detours can be expected.  It is imperative that all trail users keep their dogs on leash while on the Rio Grande Trail, so as not to interfere with the goats and the herding operations.  We apologize for any inconvenience during the project, but please be patient as the herders work.

Click here for a Cost Comparison for Weed Control – Goats vs Chemicals by Drew Toher of Beyond Pesticides

Click here for information on Managed Goat Grazing/Re-seeding – Goats vs Chemicals

For more information, please call Brett and periodically check RFTA’s website and social media outlets.  RFTA staff will provide updates as the project moves forward.

Contact Information:

Brett Meredith
RFTA Trails and Corridor Manager

Goat Green, LLC
Lani Malmberg
Phone: (970) 219-0451
Donny Benz
Phone: 970.219.0454

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