Who is eligible?

RFTAbility Paratransit (Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s Paratransit Services) provides accessible transportation for persons with an assessed inability to access any of RFTA’s fixed route transportation modes that exist in the designated service areas in Aspen, Carbondale and Glenwood. Paratransit services are offered to individuals of any age with an assessed disability.

American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility is a transportation decision, not a medical one.  Eligibility for RFTAbility services is not based solely on disability, age, income, medical diagnosis or lack of transportation options in your area.  Nor is it based on the perceived or real inconvenience, inexperience and/or personal choice to not utilize these transportation modes.


RFTAbility will provide Paratransit Service, for visitors with disabilities, who do not reside in the jurisdictions served by RFTA. RFTA requests visitors to make their request for RFTAbility Paratransit service two (2) weeks before the first desired day of travel.

RFTA will treat visitors as eligible for Paratransit service. RFTA will give “full faith and credit” to the ID card or other documentation from a previous transit agency. This documentation should be provided directly by the individual to the ADA Coordinator.  RFTA does not request documentation be provided directly from the individual’s previous transit agency.

Once registered with RFTA, visitors will be able to utilize the service for any combination of 21 days during a 365-day period, beginning with the visitor’s first use of service. Visitors requesting to use Paratransit service more than 21 days during a 365-day period must apply for and receive eligibility certification through RFTA. For additional information and to set up a brief phone assessment, please contact the RFTA ADA Coordinator at paratransit@rfta.com or call (970) 384-4855.

What are the service areas and the hours of operation?

Paratransit service hours vary according to service location and time of year depending on the seasonal changes in the bus schedules. The service area is within ¾ mile of the fixed route service.

Glenwood hours of operation is based on the Ride Glenwood Schedule. Schedule times are available at Ride Glenwood Schedule.

Carbondale schedule is based on the Carbondale Circulator schedule which varies seasonally. Schedule times are available at Carbondale Circulator.

Aspen schedule is based on the City of Aspen Routes; Hunter Creek, Cemetery Lane, Castle Maroon, Burlingame/ Highway 82, MTN Valley Dial-A-Ride, Galena Street and Cross Town Shuttle. These schedules vary seasonally. Check out the scheduled Days/ Times at City of Aspen Schedules.

Should you need assistance in completing the application, please use the contact information below. Once completed the application can be sent by email, fax or US mail service to:

Roaring Fork Transportation Authority
c/o ADA Coordinator
51 Service Center Drive
Aspen, CO 81611
Fax: 970-925-6801

Once the completed application is received, you will be contacted to arrange an in-person functional ability assessment. Functional assessments occur at one at one of the locations depending on the service area you are requesting. There are 3 locations in Aspen, 4 locations in Carbondale and several locations in Glenwood that we utilize.

You are responsible for getting to the designated assessment location on your own.

You must show a valid picture identification at the time of the assessment.

Following the in-person assessment, RFTA will provide you with a written determination of eligibility within two (2) days.

Service Eligibility Types

On-going: This means that the applicant has been approved for services, as long as the individual agrees to, adheres to and abides by the Customers Procedures for Service.  Non-use of RFTAbility Paratransit service for a period of one (1) year will require the customer to re-apply for services.

Conditional: This means that the applicant has been approved for services based upon environmental conditions, as long as the individual agrees to, adheres to and abides by the Customers Procedures for Service.

Temporary: This means that the applicant has been granted the service on a limited-time basis, as long as the individual agrees to, adheres to and abides by the Customers Procedures for Service.

RFTAbility Paratransit and RFTA look forward to assisting you in meeting your transportation needs.

Please use the forms on our Contact Us page to ask a question or submit a comment, complaint, suggestion or commendation. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can properly address your concern. Your request will be routed to the appropriate department. You may also email feedback@rfta.com.

Paratransit Services

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