RFTA Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ride the bus?
Please refer to the Fares page for the cost of riding the bus.

What are Ticket Vending Machines?
For information see our Ticket Vending Machines page.

Are all of the buses wheelchair accessible?
Yes, all RFTA buses are equipped with lifts.

Will the bus let me off anywhere along the route?
Buses stop at designated stops only. Check the RFTA system map for all bus stops.

How many passengers can each bus carry at one time?
The fixed route buses can carry 29-45 passengers depending on the model.

Does RFTA charter busses for groups or special events?
No. Due to Federal Law, RFTA is not able to charter buses.

Do all the buses have bike racks?
Yes. All fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks capable of carrying two or three bikes at a time. For more information, please visit our Bikes on Buses page.

What types of pre-paid passes do you offer and where can I obtain them?
Please refer to the Passes page for information on the types of pre-paid passes and how to obtain them.

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. For more information, see the Lost & Found page.

Is there a bus route that connects Glenwood Springs to other communities?
Yes, The Hogback route connects to New Castle, Silt, and Rifle. Also the Bustang operated by Colorado Department of Transportation connects Glenwood Springs to Denver and towns along the I-70 corridor in between.

What are your office hours and locations?
For ticket office information, please refer to the Where to Buy page. For RFTA’s administrative office hours and locations, please view our Contact Us page.

Does RFTA run on holidays?
Yes, RFTA operates 365 days a year.

How can I advertise on your buses?
For information on advertising on RFTA buses, please see How to Advertise with Us.

Can I bring my animal on a RFTA bus?
Only service animals are allowed or a pet that fits and remains in a pet carrier while on the bus. Service animals are not permitted to sit in seats, they must remain on the floor.

Can I bring a group of kids on a bus?
RFTA is happy to provide transportation for groups on all of our regular routes, however, because of capacity constraints, we cannot guarantee that large groups will always be able to travel together. Please read our policy and let us know your plans here. 

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