Rio Grande ARTway Masterplan Public Comment Period Closing


The public comment period for the Rio Grande ARTway Masterplan will be closing on September 1, 2016 at 5:00pm. Submit your comments and/or support for this plan by calling Trails Manager, Brett Meredith at (970) 384-4975 or emailing

The idea for the Rio Grande ARTway project evolved out of CCAH’s public process for the Carbondale Creative District Strategic Plan.  This ARTway concept has been further developed through many subsequent meetings and conversations between CCAH, RFTA, CPAC and other ARTway project partners. The framework presented in this preliminary masterplan will be used to facilitate the next round of public process. All project stakeholders and community members will have an opportunity to comment and share ideas on the plans prior to the adoption of a Final ARTway Masterplan.  Upon completion of the Masterplan, project partners will work together to design, secure funding, and implement the various elements of the Rio Grande ARTway.

The purpose of this Preliminary Masterplan is to create a framework for the future planning, design, and programming of the Rio Grande ARTway, a one mile long section of the Rio Grande Trail corridor through the town of Carbondale, Colorado. This Masterplan contains critical context and background reference for the project as well as early design concepts for site improvements and programming along the corridor.

Download the Rio Grande ARTway Masterplan


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