(Download as PDF – Procurement Guidelines)

This document is intended as a guideline to assist Proposers in successfully completing the necessary paperwork. You are strongly encouraged to read the document very carefully. This document is NOT intended to replace the more detailed instructions that are included in the solicitation.

  • For each solicitation, please complete a Vendor Registration form. This action informs us that you are interested in bidding/proposing on our solicitation. You will be added to the List of Potential Proposers. As a result, we will be able to immediately notify you of any updates to the solicitation. Please remember that it is your primary responsibility to make yourself aware of any addenda.
  • Be sure to regularly check RFTA’s website for any changes or updates to the solicitation. Any changes will be documented in writing and labeled as addenda.
  • It is extremely important that all required forms be completed. If a form does not apply to your business or proposal, please mark the form “Not Applicable.” Please also sign and date this form. Some forms may require notarization. Failure to complete all forms will result in your Proposal being ruled nonresponsive. Non-Responsive Proposals will not be awarded the contract.
  • DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Obligation: The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (“RFTA”) agrees to ensure that DBEs have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts. Therefore, it is imperative that you read the DBE Section and complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Please read the document to make sure that you have returned the correct number of copies of your bid or proposal.
  • Restrictions on Communications with RFTA during Solicitation, Offer & Award Period. All inquiries, offers, submissions and/or other correspondence regarding solicitations, excluding protests, must be directed, in writing, to the Procurement Department at All official communications to and from RFTA will be transmitted in writing (defined as being sent or received via electronic mail). Oral communications regarding this solicitation shall not be considered official communications. RFTA is not responsible for and will not be legally bound by any oral statements made by its employees regarding any solicitation.
  • Make sure the Proposal Response is received by the RFTA’s Procurement Department by the designated date and time. Late proposals will not be accepted.
  • FOR MAILED PROPOSALS: Make sure that the proposal is returned in an envelope or box clearly labeled with the following Information: Solicitation No. 00-000 Project Name. This information should be in the lower left hand corner. The envelope should also be labeled PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED.
  • FOR EMAILED PROPOSALS: When emailing proposals/bids, make sure they are in PDF format. This is to ensure that your document is secure and cannot be changed. The e-mail containing the proposal should not be sent to anyone at RFTA other than the RFTA Procurement Department The subject line of the email containing the proposal must reference “Proposal for RFTA Solicitation No. 00-000 [Insert Type of Service]” to ensure that the proposal is properly identified and evaluated by RFTA. Failure to clearly denote your email submission may result in late discovery of your proposal, which will result in your proposal being disqualified from evaluation. Pricing must be a separate PDF file within your email.
  • FOR SHAREFILE PROPOSALS: Proposals/bids submitted via ShareFile must be uploaded using the Upload link provided in the solicitation. Old links expire with the solicitation’s closing date and will not get your offer to the correct file. Uploaded files must be in PDF format. Generally, no more than two files should be uploaded. The files should be named “Your Company Name 00-000 (solicitation number) Type of File (either Pricing or Proposal)”. Failure to clearly denote your submission may result in late discovery of your proposal, which will result in your proposal being disqualified from evaluation. Pricing must be a separate PDF file from all other elements of the proposal.It is the sole responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that its submission is successfully delivered to RFTA by the specified date and time. RFTA will not be responsible for late or lost deliveries of proposals submitted via e-mail, nor will they be held responsible for information technology issues which result in delaying submittals. RFTA shall not be responsible for proposals delayed by nonresponsive IT systems; failure of emailed submittals to pass through spam or other security screens; or rejection of PDFs that exceed the system’s size limitations for attachments, which are subject to change.

When in doubt, contact Tammy Sommerfeld, RFTA Procurement Manager, (970) 384-4869 or Barbara Hauptli, Procurement Specialist, (970) 384-4861. All official questions and communication may be directed via email to

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