Open Containers Prohibited on RFTA Buses

In an effort to improve the Safety and Security of RFTA personnel and passengers, the RFTA Board of Directors has prohibited open alcoholic containers on-board all RFTA buses.

This decision follows a number of measures taken by the Board of Directors earlier this year to improve the safety, security and overall experience for all RFTA personnel and passengers.

Therefore, moving forward, effective June 9th, 2018 open containers of all alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all RFTA buses. Transportation of closed alcoholic containers is allowed.


Can I bring alcohol on the bus? Yes, if you are transporting alcohol in a sealed container from point A to point B. However, you are not allowed to open any alcoholic container while loading or on the bus.

What will happen if I open an alcoholic beverage on the bus? Bus Operators are going through the proper training to deal with a such a situation. They will politely ask you to dispose of your drink. If you do not cooperate, proper action will be taken and you may be escorted off the bus. Additionally, RFTA is working with local law enforcement to ensure that this policy remains in place if aggressive behavior arises.

Can I board the bus with an open container of alcohol? The answer is no.

Can I board the bus with a closed container of alcohol? Yes, however you may not open and consume it during your ride.




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