Front-door boarding and re-institution of full fares resumes August 1

RFTA will resume front door boarding starting Saturday, August 1, and all riders will be required to pay the normal fares upon boarding regional commuter buses, however, CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Passengers will be able to access the farebox in the front of the bus and must exit all buses through the rear door, when possible. The health and safety of the RFTA’s passengers, bus operators and staff is still the top priority, so RFTA is keeping several precautions in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To speed up boarding and to limit interactions with bus operators, RFTA will be cashless. In order to board a bus, riders must have in hand a Stored Value Card, a 30-Day Zone Pass or a RFTA Seasonal Zone Pass.

For detailed information regarding fare collection, please visit RFTA Fares.

RFTA would like to encourage all passengers to “Be Fare Ready.” This means having your bus card (Stored Value Card, 30-Day Zone Pass or Seasonal Zone Pass) in your hand before boarding the bus.

For a refresher on how to use passes with RFTA Fare Boxes please visit How To Use the RFTA Farebox.

All passengers will be required to board low-floor buses through the front doors and always exit through the rear doors. The exception to this will be with RFTA single-door over-the-road buses, which will require passengers to enter and exit through the front door. RFTA will continue to limit the number of passengers per bus to 15 to allow for social distancing. Additionally, all riders must continue to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times while boarding and riding on RFTA buses.

RFTA is also encouraging passengers that have flexible schedules to take advantage of off-peak travel, when buses are less crowded, to help free up seats for those who must travel during peak hours.

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