Regional Bikeshare & First- and Last-Mile Mobility Study


Project overview

As part of the implementation of Destination 2040, RFTA is exploring how to expand the WE-cycle bikeshare program and provide other first- and last-mile mobility options for communities in the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys. The outcomes of this project will improve access to transit, jobs, and services, and help to relieve traffic congestion.

Project Purpose

This project will:

  • Identify local travel needs and existing barriers to accessing transit
  • Determine how best to expand bikeshare into new communities and enhance service within existing communities
  • Recommend first- and last-mile mobility strategies that serve the needs of the Roaring Fork Valley
  • Develop a plan for how these services should be delivered

What is first- and Last-mile MObility?

First- and last-mile trips are those trips that connect you from your origin or destination to a transit stop. First- and last-mile mobility (FLMM) strategies refer to the services that can help you complete these trips without having to rely on your car. Some of these options include shuttle services, electric-assist bicycles, rideshare programs, and improvements to bikeways and sidewalk infrastructure.

Click the link below to join the virtual open house on August 25, 2021 at 5:30pm:
Use Meeting ID: 912 2669 1859
Passcode: 670967 to join




David Johnson, Director of Planning

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