Roaring Fork Valley


Snowmass Village


Glenwood Springs

The 4 Mountain Connector

Woody Creek


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This route offers the rider an opportunity to visit or commute from Glenwood to Carbondale, El Jebel, Basalt, Snowmass Village and Aspen or from these communities to Glenwood. Riders can meet with connecting buses at the Intercept Lot (Brush Creek and Hwy 82) to travel to Snowmass Village or Woody Creek. In Glenwood Springs connecting buses going to Rifle and the Hogback route can be found.


Please remember to use the white paddle at the bus stop to signal the driver that you want to be picked up! Check the bus headsigns to help you identify the bus you need. If you have to cross Hwy 82 in your commute, please be very careful.



Roaring Fork Valley Service - Downvalley Schedule

Red a = am, Blue p= pm, X= Express and Local service, D=Direct Service from designated zone to Aspen zone, S = Direct service to or from Snowmass, SA = Saturday only, NO SUNDAY SERVICE, * = No service to Snowmass, R = Service connecting to Rifle, NC = Service connection to New Castle, T = Transfer required for destinations beyond Glenwood

Please note: Express buses 4:15 pm and 5:15 pm from Rubey Park DO NOT go through downtown Carbondale.

DownValley From Aspen - 7 days a week

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From Aspen

Brush Creek

Aspen Village

Old Snowmas

Basalt Downtown

El Jebel


27th ST

Glenwood P&R

 6:15a 6:30a  6:33a 6:38a 6:45a 6:52a 7:07 7:21a 7:30a
 6:45aR 7:00aR 7:03aR 7:08aR 7:15aR 7:227aR 7:37aR 7:51a 8:00a
 7:15a 7:30a  7:33a 7:38a 7:45a 7:52a 8:07a 8:21a 8:30a
8:00a 8:03a 8:08a 8:15a 8:22a8:37a 8:51a 9:00a
 8:15a 8:30a  8:33a 8:38a 8:45a 8:52a 9:07a 9:21a 9:30a
 8:45a  9:00a 9:03a 9:08a 9:15a 9:22a 9:37a 9:51a10:00a
 9:15a 9:30a  9:33a 9:38a 9:45a 9:52a 10:07a 10:21a 10:30a
 9:45a 10:00a 10:03a 10:08a 10:15a 10:22a 10:37a 10:51a 11:00a
 10:15a 10:30a  10:33a 10:38a 10:45a 10:52a 11:07a 11:21a 11:30a
 10:45aNC 11:00aNC 11:03aNC 11:08aNC 11:15aNC 11:22aNC 11:37aNC 11:51a 12:00p
 11:15a 11:30a  11:33a 11:38a 11:45a 11:52p 12:07p 12:21p 12:30p
 11:45a 12:00p  12:03p 12:08p 12:15p 12:22p 12:37p 12:51p 1:00p
12:15p 12:30p  12:33p 12:38p 12:45p 12:52p 1:07p 1:21p 1:30p
12:45p 1:00p  1:03p 1:08p 1:15p 1:22p 1:37p 1:51p 2:00p
1:15p 1:30p 1:33p 1:38p 1:45p 1:52p 2:07p 2:21p 2:30p
1:45p R 2:00pR  2:03pR 2:08pR 2:15pR 2:22pR 2:37pR 2:51p 3:00p
2:15p 2:30p 2:33p 2:38p 2:45p 2:52p 3:07p 3:21p 3:30p
2:45pR 3:00p 3:03pR 3:08pR 3:15pR 3:22pR 3:37pR 3:51p 4:00p

From Aspen

Brush Ck/ Intercept

Aspen Village

Old Snowmass


El Jebel


27th St

Glenwood P&R

3:15p 3:30p 3:33p 3:38p 3:45p 3:52p 4:07p 4:21p4:30p
3:45pR 4:00p  4:03pR 4:08pR 4:15pR 4:22pR 4:37pR 4:51p 5:00p
---- SM Direct 4:33p 4:38p 4:45p 4:52pX 5:07pX 5:21pX 5:30pX
4:15pX 4:30p  4:33p 4:38p 4:45p 4:52pD 5:07p 5:21p 5:30p
4:45pXR 5:00pR 5:03pR 5:08pR 5:15pXR 5:22pR 5:37pR 5:51p 6:00p
5:15pX 5:30p 5:33p 5:38p 5:45p 5:52pX 6:07pX 6:21pX 6:30pX
5:45pR 6:00p 6:03pR 6:08pR 6:15pR 6:22pR 6:37pR 6:51a 7:00p
6:15p 6:30p 6:33p 6:38p 6:45p 6:52p 7:07p 7:21p 7:30p
6:45p 7:00p   7:03p 7:08p 7:15p 7:22p 7:37p 7:51p 8:00p
7:15p 7:30p 7:33p 7:38p 7:45p 7:52p 8:07p 8:21p 8:30p
7:45p 8:00p   8:03p 8:08p 8:15p 8:22p 8:37p 8:51p 9:00p
8:15p 8:30p 8:33p 8:38p 8:45p 8:52p 9:07p 9:28p 9:37p
9:15p 9:30p 9:33p 9:38p 9:45p 9:52p 10:07p 10:28p10:37p
10:15pX 10:30p 10:33p 10:38p 10:45pX 10:52pX 11:07p 11:28p 11:37p
11:15pX 11:30p 11:33p 11:38p 11:45pX 11:52pX 12:07p 12:28a 12:37a
12:15a 12:30a  12:33a 12:38a 12:45a 12:52a 1:07p 1:28a 1:37a
1:15a 1:30a  1:33a 1:38a 1:45a 1:52a 2:07p 2:28a 2:37a
2:15a 2:30a  2:33a 2:38a 2:45a 2:52a 3:07p 3:28a 3:37a